Sunflower Sessions


Why is each session listed at $100? $100 is due to reserve your collection, your session fee is listed in each description, and will be due upon session date.

Will my deposit be refunded due to any COVID- 19 circumstances? Yes, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form that you paid. 

Will DCP and staff be wearing a mask and other protective protocols be in place? Yes, as long as our county mandate is still in order DCP and employees will be wearing masks and will supply hand sanitizer. Other types of protective equipment will be worn if we feel that it is necessary. Please note that you should bring your mask and when we are shooting your session it will not be required to wear.

What if DCP comes down with COVID- 19? DCP will do everything in her power to remain healthy during this time, but If I do come down with any symptoms you will be notified and given the option to cancel or to have my assistant Meghan Paris Photography shoot your session. 

Will wardrobe still be supplied? Yes, every precaution will be taken to supply you and your family with clean clothing. Between every use the clothing will be washed and steamed.If you do not feel comfortable wearing my wardrobe you can supply your own clothing for your session. I will still provide styling advice.

When will the Sunflower Sessions be held? They will be held in this time frame between June 25th- July 25th.

Where will the Sunflower Sessions be held? The sunflower sessions will be held in Oakley, California at my parents private estate. We are so blessed to have this opportunity so please be respectful of their property.

Will I have to sign a liability release to come onto the private property? Yes due to COVID-19 you will be required to sign a liability release and I will email that over and have hard copies with me at the time of service. 

What will be the turn around for my session gallery? Anywhere from 3-5 weeks after your session date.

Can I use a gift card? Yes but you still have to pay the $100 deposit. if you bought a gift card through honeybook, I will apply that to your total. If you have a hard copy gift card please email me after you pay a deposit fee and send me a photo.

If I want to add on Hair and Makeup, an Album or a GIF can I do that closer to my session date? Yes but you will have to contact me directly so that I can add it to your amount owed. The store will only be open for a few weeks. 

Can I pay cash or venmo? Yes, I actually prefer that method! If cash is used, please place cash in an envelope and place it in the designated spot at the time of your session.